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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Hornet Special "What The Eyes Don't See"

The latest Hornet Special is “What The Eyes Don't see” starring Johan Volny, Kurt Maddox, Jason, Shaw, Tyler Mason, David Black, Daniel Prince and Dexter 

This Hornet Pictures download is set back in college where the spanking is hot and the action is sexy.

Paul Kemp (David Black) likes to smuggle the odd drink in to his dormitory however it’s not long before he’s caught and his House Master (Dexter) is asked to deal with him. 

In the dormitory laid across the bed his pyjamas are pulled down and a hail of slaps collide with his bare bottom. 

Being a senior now the strap is cracking angrily across the lad’s ample backside. 

Exhausting work for the master but now young Paul must rise to the occasion; the youthful housemaster will expect to be pleasured after watching such a round raised backside turn so red.

As with most colleges truancy is strictly forbidden. Two boys Peters (Kurt Maddox) and Patrick (Daniel Prince) can’t seem to get this through their heads and very soon they are in front of their Housemaster (Johan Volny) who unfortunately for them is also the PT master.

It’s a two strikes and you’re out rule with him and he gives both boys a good spanking.

Secretly all the lads know what’ll happen with this young PT master if you are caught more than once. When giving punishment he will expect pleasure and as the stinging rubber gym slipper cracks home that just what’s going to happen.

Two other lads Denton (Tyler Mason) and Crosby (Jason Shaw) are in big trouble for smoking in the wash room. 

Ordered to report to the Heads classroom both are soundly spanked and left to think about what they’ve done. 

Unfortunately with their firm little bottoms now red and burning their minds swiftly go to other things, a relief from the sting becomes overwhelming. Well, what the eyes don’t see…



  1. If the bottom models were more muscular, I would buy this video. Rich and Rob, see what you can do about getting models like Leonardo King, Travis McKinnon, Luke Adams, Phil Stone, Rudi Vallance, to play the bottom roles in Hornet videos. If these guys were to resist being forced to give oral and anal "pleasure", that would make Hornet videos even better.

    I see that Johan Volny is back to his old tricks. It would be fun to see a video in which he gets a taste of his own medicine. Several of the lads which have been forced to "pleasure" Johan could jump him; in addition to spanking him, they could force him to give THEM oral and anal "pleasure". That would be an awesome video.

  2. Can one still download What The Eyes Don't See, Part 1? I do not see it available for purchase on the Hornet Pictures website.

    1. Hi Bastino Boy

      Yes it is still available, but no longer at the special price. Here is the link:

  3. The Video is well done but they should not have sexual intercourse during school hours,not that I am against them having sex but do it after hours.If I was the Headmaster and I caught them including that gym teacher.I would take a heavy Irish school strap and wallop their bare behinds black and blue never mind having sex, none of them would be able to sit down for a week or two including that teacher.I experienced an Irish school strap on a clothed behind at school years ago and had a problem sitting down after a spanking from one of the Irish brothers.Just imagine that strap on a bare bottom.