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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Sea Trials

The training ship T.S Morsus is renowned for its strict discipline in training. The Captain often leaves it up to the training NCOs to ensure good discipline is kept. Going on sea trials and passing mandatory tests of good seamanship is important and every cadet had to make the grade.

Recently returned and now up before the Captain, for not studying to obtain good results, is Jnr Seaman Coleman (Adam Black) The Captain wastes no time in sending him to the CPO (Rado Zuska) This muscular rugged training NCO orders the lad to bend over and take cuts of the rattan cane across his tight white duck trousers. This is the traditional way the navy deals with young whipper-snappers.

Now the young seaman must bare his breech, in other words the cuts will be laid on to his bare bottom! This stings like fury but the next part of the boys punishment will be laid over those still burning cane stripes. 

Hauled high up over the officers knee Coleman can expect to receive a good spanking. 

Alongside this he will be required to do his duty and attend to the offers pleasure. He's there to serve his sentence and in several positions too, whilst being thoroughly spanked. 

This will reach a scorching climax and towards the end the officer will make sure he has penetrated young Coleman's defiant nature to the full! 




  1. Im not into hornet usually but some of this is hot especially when Rado lifts Adams across his knees.

    The only thing I'd say in the nicest way is I'm not keen on Rado's spanking technique that much he kind of spanks with his fingers.

    This is a great photo.

  2. Yes we are training Rado to change his technique a little bit. It takes time to get new tops up to speed but we certainly like his attitude.

  3. I think Rado is hot- I would suck him no problem-- hehe
    and yes, I too love the up over over the knee technique, and great when they are both in socks just-- woof!