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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Hornet Down Under: Home Alone (part 2)

The second set of pictures from Hornet Pictures – Home Alone

With this punishment one boy must take the masters throbbing manhood in hand while the other gets some stringing slaps on his well rounded bare bottom. 

Now they swap and the other feels the scorching sting of the master palm while his friend gets some fresh action going on his Mr Volny's rod! 

Both lads will be punished sternly today and they deserve it! Well spanked, alongside some hot action of sucking and fucking will give their master some much needed relief from the lads bad behaviour. 

It will all lead to a stinging and fiery climax that might make them think again next time they feel like a drink. Or will it?



  1. I have a suggestion for a Hornet story. Two tops, maybe Volny and the new top Rado discipline a third guy, and it turns them on so much to spank him that they start having sex with each other. the guy getting spanked, who should be very hunky, does not participate in the sex as he is straight and just the "object" that excites them.

    He gets spanked harder and harder the more they are turned on

  2. Robin Palmer has now become my favourite boy - not just for this but for all his work with Sting. Robin is one of several Sting models who also work in mainstream gay porn, this gets me to wonder why more use is not made of them in Hornet. Perhaps Justin Maher as a prefect, caning a couple of lads and then have them bend over for other purposes. Perhaps a couple of boys getting soundly thrashed and then comforting themselves in the dormitory afterwards. Perhaps a couple of boys enjoying themselves, getting caught followed by a punishment.
    Just thoughts - and dreams!!

  3. i believe. That. Punishment in the form of a good and proper spanking. Is called for. - it's serious business and needs to be treated as such. -I believe. All punishment in the form of spanking. Needs to be done.With the spankee. IN his jockey shorts or simple towel.should be wrapped around his waist. - he. Is given his instructions.on things will proceed and action in form of a good spanking takes place without further delay. - Corner time not to exceed3o mins.takes place.