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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Hornet Down Under: Home Alone (part 2)

The second set of pictures from Hornet Pictures – Home Alone

With this punishment one boy must take the masters throbbing manhood in hand while the other gets some stringing slaps on his well rounded bare bottom. 

Now they swap and the other feels the scorching sting of the master palm while his friend gets some fresh action going on his Mr Volny's rod! 

Both lads will be punished sternly today and they deserve it! Well spanked, alongside some hot action of sucking and fucking will give their master some much needed relief from the lads bad behaviour. 

It will all lead to a stinging and fiery climax that might make them think again next time they feel like a drink. Or will it?


Saturday, 13 August 2016

Hornet Down Under: Home Alone (part 1)

It's the weekend at the college. Most of the boys have gone home but two of them have such a long distance to travel that they have to stay in college. They are seniors so are trusted to behave, as the staff too, apart from a couple to look after the place, are also away for the weekend.

Their Housemaster Mr Volny has to run an errand in to town so he leaves the boys (Robin Palmer & Oscar Hart) to look after themselves warning them not to get in to any mischief! 
Of course this is just too much of a temptation so they high tail it off to the Headmaster study to help themselves to some of his prized wine stock!

These crazy ventures seldom end well and they are quickly discovered. Not many suspects need eliminating and very soon they are back in front of Mr Volny who has been given carte blanche to do with them whatever he sees fit as a punishment. 
As seniors they should know better and are lucky that no telephone call will be made to their folks. Its theft by any other name, so to get out of this they are going to have to serve their master well! First off its shorts and pants down for a dose of the gym slipper, its burning rubber sole soon has their bare bottoms turning red.


 These boys need taking down a peg or two so this time they're really going to have work hard to please their master.


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