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Thursday, 1 December 2016

The Coach's Deal

Two unruly students (Johannes Lars & Chris Jansen) have recently been engaged in a bit of dealing with illegal substances. This of course is strictly against the rules, especially in College and now the two boys are really pushing their luck too far! 
Thinking they are tucked away nicely out of sight in the boiler room, they are overheard by the passing PT teacher, Mr Volny. He bursts in on their criminal activity catching the lads red handed. This is definitely the wrong man to be caught by and both boys know it! He orders them off to the gym.

Its here that their debt will be paid and no arguing about it. Their misbehaviour and illicit activities will be punished and the incident will go no further. That is the Coach's deal and he's a dealer not to be messed with. The lads can expect to get their bare bottoms well and truly spanked with the stinging hand of the master coming down hard on their fast reddening backsides! 

Part of the punishment will be to serve their master and pleasure him well for wasting his time with their misbehaviour. After a good spanking for each boy a dose of the leather strap will be for one, whilst the other is penetrated over the vaulting horse. 

A pain in both their butts in more ways than one. This can only reach one climactic end, that of punishment complete for the two naughty lads and the pleasure of a job well done for their muscular master.



Saturday, 5 November 2016

Sea Trials

The training ship T.S Morsus is renowned for its strict discipline in training. The Captain often leaves it up to the training NCOs to ensure good discipline is kept. Going on sea trials and passing mandatory tests of good seamanship is important and every cadet had to make the grade.

Recently returned and now up before the Captain, for not studying to obtain good results, is Jnr Seaman Coleman (Adam Black) The Captain wastes no time in sending him to the CPO (Rado Zuska) This muscular rugged training NCO orders the lad to bend over and take cuts of the rattan cane across his tight white duck trousers. This is the traditional way the navy deals with young whipper-snappers.

Now the young seaman must bare his breech, in other words the cuts will be laid on to his bare bottom! This stings like fury but the next part of the boys punishment will be laid over those still burning cane stripes. 

Hauled high up over the officers knee Coleman can expect to receive a good spanking. 

Alongside this he will be required to do his duty and attend to the offers pleasure. He's there to serve his sentence and in several positions too, whilst being thoroughly spanked. 

This will reach a scorching climax and towards the end the officer will make sure he has penetrated young Coleman's defiant nature to the full! 



Friday, 16 September 2016

Yes You Will

A different side to Hornet with this commissioned piece featuring fetish boys in fantasy.

Martin has decided he's going to have a training session with his servant Tom. Both wearing a pair of retro nylon shorts an exploration of their bodies begin. Feeling those firm buttock cheeks through the tight fabric and massaging their already swelling cocks one thing soon leads to another. 
Tongues are now diving in to crevices and wet rimming the sensitive areas between those firm mounds of pleasure.

Now well prepared and certainly ready Martin secures Tom to the bed. Its time to teach his underling some manners!He reaches in to the drawer for his dog collar and puts it around Tom's neck. A rubber mask is placed over his eyes. He'll be able to feel everything but not see what's coming. 
Next Martin reaches for the leather riding whip. Tom needs a good hiding but he'll be required to please his master as well!

The punishment starts over the tight nylon shorts which soon get pulled down to reveal Tom's upturned and well splayed bare bottom. First the whip is used to stroke and massage the tender crack and balls before its brought down hard across the boys raised and upturned butt. 

Each cut of the whip stings sharply and leaves a pattern of burning red welts on Tom's exposed and open backside.

Laying on the stinging lashes and watching the reddening butt of his charge soon get Martin in the mood to expand the punishment The nylon shorts are right of now and some cool lube is being fingered in to Tom's tight hole. 

What better than a deep and humiliating penetration to bring his servants ordeal to a hot and horny climax!