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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Some info from STG Pictures Ltd regarding Hornet & Sting Pictures

In the past STG Pictures has maintained the Sting studio making spanking films mostly of a non-sexual nature.  The pro and cons of this and whether spanking is gay or straight have been discussed lately on various sites and blogs.

To make it all a little bit easier STG Pictures are separating the Sting and Hornet labels. Sting will continue to make spanking films with both straight lads and probably some gay lads too. Sexual orientation is not so important to us. 

However, the separation now means that Hornet will make the adult sexual content that will include spanking but with sex as part of the scenarios. So, if you like straight forward spanking then go to Sting Pictures but if you like spanking with sex then Hornet will provide that too. If you like both then it’s a win, win situation all round! In the near future we will make a complete new site for Hornet Pictures as we have with the wholesale DVDs we offer to licensed adult stores.

Hornet will be the platform STG Pictures use in the future as we begin to make more films for the vanilla gay adult DVD market such as our movie The Secrets Of College Life.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

What the Eyes Don't See (Part 3)

After a workout in the college gym two lads (Justin Conway and new StingLad Justin Maher) head to the showers to clean up. After that, in the changing rooms, things start to heat up but unfortunately whilst engaged in an amorous liaison the two are caught by the junior PT master (coach) (New StingLads top Lloyd Franke)

Ordered to the PT office the two are going to be dealt with! A good spanking for the pair of them is the of course the order of the day and soon their smooth blemish free backsides are turning a bright red. 

As it seems these two want to engage in pleasures of the flesh the young muscular coach himself, always driven horny when administering punishment, decides to get something out of it too. What’s good for the goose as they say!

Besides with Mr Volny, the senior coach, he knows he too has his ways. The boys are in trouble, there a time and place for everything and now they have to pay. Right place, right time!

The spanking is getting just too much for the fit young coach and now the lads must serve their rampant master. His rock hard rod becomes the focus of attention with a sound spanking being laid on at the same time. Both boys must attend to the coach and after the spanking the stingy rubber faced wooden ping pong bat is brought to bare.

With their backside now red a scorching a dose of the India rubber gym slipper is laid on too for good measure and things begin to reach a climax. The fit young coach is finished in more ways than one and leaves the two hapless and well punished rule breakers to their own ends!

The spanking has had a very good effect disciplinary wise but now the after effects are causing another perhaps no so unwelcome sensation. One that in these circumstances must be urgently dealt with. A relief from their stinging bare bottom is needed and now it looks like their own aching rods will get some attention.

Introducing Justin Maher in his debut performance