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Friday, 14 January 2011

Secret Life of Students - Preview stills Part 1

Set in the early 1960's The Secret Life of Students features a number of popular Sting Actors together with lots of new faces going back to school and learning all about their hot young bodies!

Part 2 will be posted tomorrow

STG Pictures 18.USC.2257


  1. The photographs are wonderful young men enjoying themselves but why keep their trainers or socks on can we not see some naked feet. It is even more enjoyable for me when this happens. Still they are good looking lads.

  2. In the latest set there are some bare foot pictures. However, I guess sometimes the guys are in such a hurry to get at each other, they haven't got time to take off their shoes.

    Really great pictures

  3. Yeah ...i agree totally. To me a lad isnt truly naked unless its TOTAL, and to be total MUST be barefoot too. Always annoys me when this happens. Ive noticed that often even rent boys will attempt to keep their socks on, as if it kindof retains their dignity, keeps them in control?? I agree there are socks fetishists too, but for me when it comes to lads, barefeet are a must?

  4. i love the dark sox !!!